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Air Conditioning for homes and businesses

We are installers for all the main manufacturers including Fujitsu, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Airedale International, for environments ranging from business computer rooms to home conservatories.

All installations are carried out by our in-house staff who are fully trained for the safe handling of refrigerants, for brazing of refrigerant copper pipework, pressure testing, evacuation and charging of systems.

On completion of the installation, our commissioning engineer will attend the site to fully commission the installed systems, including setting up control systems incorporating Trend controls and to instruct the client in the system operations.

Here are some of the Air Conditioning services we offer for homes and businesses:

  • Air Conditioning and Comfort Cooling systems
  • Ceiling and wall mounted Air Conditioning systems
  • Computer Room downflow of units for close control
  • Refrigerated cold stores
  • Ventilation systems and ductwork modifications
  • New Generation Refrigerants
  • Trend control panels and associated electrical installations
  • Commissioning
  • Lifetime Maintenance Services

One of our most popular systems, an invoid unit, is an air conditioner completely concealed above the level of the false ceiling. It connects to the office below via a length of flexible ducting. The return air grille is not connected to the unit to enable the system to draw in air from the ceiling void to provide a degree of air. A washable filter is incorporated in the rear of the unit to remove airborne particles in order to keep the heat exchanger and office clean.

We also offer split system air conditioning systems, with the option of ducted systems. These systems have the equipment located external to the conditioned space in either a plant room or on a flat roof for example.

Some of our systems incorporate special low velocity terminals to perform as a displacement system. We can also supply matching attenuators to maintain the required noise levels. These systems can be used in Ballrooms, Conference Centres, Printer works and workshops. We are prepared to be flexible and tailor to your requirements as much as possible. 
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